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This page contains some frequently requested information regarding General Dynamics shareownership. If you have questions beyond what is provided on the web site, please feel free to contact Investor Relations at (703) 876-3583.

Shares Listed:
New York Stock Exchange

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Ticker Symbol: GD
Common Stock

Cost Basis of Shares
History of Events affecting Cost Basis of General Dynamics Shares

Company Employee Savings and Stock Investment Plan


Dividends are usually declared quarterly by the company's board of directors. General Dynamics does not offer a direct stock investment plan or a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP).

Transfer Agent, Registrar and Dividend Disbursing Agent
Attention: Shareholder Relations
PO Box 43069
Providence, RI 02940-3069
Phone: (800) 519-3111


1600 International Drive
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: (703) 747-6000